Monday, June 15, 2015

J. P. Moore Wagon Shop, Bidwell Avenue, Fremont, Ohio

J. P  Moore Wagon Shop, Bidwell Avenue, Fremont, Ohio

J. P. Moore (seated left holding hat) ; Charles Wensinger (with hammer on shoulder, 5th from left); George Millious (4th from right sitting); 1. Henry Hingst 2. _____ 3. Uncle Dora Moore 4. John McRauffins, woodworker 5. Charles Wensinger, blacksmith 6.Joe Hollinger, blacksmith 7. Chas. Massman (sp?) 8. Al Alford 9. Jim Rogers, blacksmith 10. Chas. Holcomb, painter 11. Jennie's Dad, Bert Moore

(The identification of the Moore employees is given as the names and information appear on the reverse of this photograph.)

According to the 1882 History of Sandusky County, Ohio, J. P. Moore was one of the most successful carriage and wagon manufacturers in Sandusky County. He began working as a blacksmith west of Fremont on the Maumee and Western Reserve Pike (U. S. Route 20). In 1851, he moved into Fremont where he set up operations that included a workshop, paint shop, and salesroom.

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