Thursday, December 27, 2018

York Twp. School Class Photograph, Sandusky County Ohio

York Twp. Class Photograph, Sandusky County, Ohio

Although the date of this class photograph is unknown, the names of the students appear below. Eathel Haff Van Doren, teacher, was born in 1882. She was educated in Ada, Ohio and taught school in York Twp. in the Colby Schools and on the North Ridge. If you know the date or the name of the school where this class photograph was taken, we would be pleased if you would share it with us.

Front Row: L - R Ed Mincer; Bill Mincer; Stella McHarlan, Fred Richards, Irma Hughes, Harold Van Doren, and Foster Wilbert 
Back Row: L - R, Clara Comstock, Karl Richards, Ethel McHarlan, Eathel Haff Van Doren (teacher), Stella Miller, Charles Needham, James Needham