Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Civil War Musician Henry Hunsinger, 72nd and 186th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Henry Hunsinger, Civil War Musician
(standing at left)
72nd and 186th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

A Hayes Presidential Center patron shared this print with us during a recent visit. The original is owned by relatives. The only individual identified is Henry Hunsinger, who is standing at left. Hunsinger was born May 30, 1845 in Fremont, Ohio. He enlisted as a drummer in Company B, 72nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry in November 1861. He participated in the Battle of Shiloh and the Siege of Corinth. He was discharged due to disability in July 1862. Hunsinger re-enlisted in Company E, 186th Ohio Volunteer Infantry in January 1865. He was promoted to Principal Musician March 2, 1865.
This picture appears to have been taken after Hunsinger re-enlisted in the 186th Ohio Volunteer Infantry and was promoted to principal muscian as was James W. Smith. George Smith, George E. Lepert, William Vananda, Robert C. Day, and David Moore are some of the men of the 186th listed as musicians in the Ohio Civil War Roster. I would be most grateful for an email if you can identify any of these Civil War musicians.