Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Admiral Chester Nimitz Honored at Spiegel Grove

Before and after his presidency, Rutherford B. Hayes took great pride in the trees at his Spiegel Grove estate. Hayes began naming trees for distinguished visitors. The custom continued long after his death.
The photograph above features Admiral Chester and Mrs. Nimitz; Admiral Webb C. and Martha Baker Hayes; and then director of the Hayes Presidential Center Watt Marchman. 
Admiral and Mrs. Nimitz were the guests of Admiral and Mrs. Hayes at Spiegel Grove on September 21, 1950.

The occasion was Admiral Nimitz's dedicatory address at the celebration of the opening of the Toledo, Ohio Union Depot. Also included were Mr. Gus Metzman, President of the New York Central Railroad, and his wife. Behind Admiral Nimitz is the large oak tree named in his honor. It still stands 65 years later. You can see it just across the pathway from President Hayes' tomb.

Admiral Nimitz served as a fleet admiral of the United States Navy. He played a major role during WWII in the Pacific theater where he served as Commander in Chief U. S. Pacific Fleet (CinCPac) for U. S. Naval forces and as Commander in Chief, Pacific Ocean Areas (CinCPOA) for Allied air, land, and sea forces. He was the last surviving officer who served in the rank of fleet admiral. He died in 1966.

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