Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Ballville School in Ballville Village, Ballville Twp. Sandusky County, Ohio ca. 1895 - 1898

Ballville School ca. 1895 - 1898
Ellen Hughes, Teacher
Ben Nesbitt, Hazel Smith, Blanche Smith, Eva Hite
Edd Tindall, Frank Moore, Lymon Smith, Bessie Smith
Charles Bauman, WebbWilliams,Rachel Moore, Jessie Spayde
Lydia Smith, Lottie Tarman, Laura Swisher, George Welch, 
Edna Foreman, John Bauman, Walter Grubb, Fannie Lewis, 
George Lewis, Martin Smith, Clyde Fisher, Besie Gilson, 
Elmer Smith, Della Foreman, Herman Bauman, John Moore, 
Stella Grubb, Nancy Smith, Albert Bauman, Flossie Grubb

It is always a delight to find photographs of children who attended the early rural schools. The image above is extra special because it not only tells the name of the school and approximate date, but lists the names of all the students. Unfortunately, the names were written as a vertical list rather than identified by row. (Notice the little boy in the doorway.)