Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gibsonburg Ohio Volunteer Fire Department Drill Team

Gibsonburg, Ohio Volunteer Fire Dept. Drill Team, 1901

The village of Gibsonburg, Ohio, suffered devastating fires in 1895 and again in 1897 when many businesses were damaged or destroyed. As a result, a volunteer fire department was established in February 1898 for the purpose of providing fire protection to property in and around the village of Gibsonburg. The first equipment, hoses, a cart, and rubber coats and hats for the men, was ordered later that month. Initially the village was divided into three districts with a trustee overseeing operations in each of these districts and reporting to the fire chief. The department also formed a drill team. Henry Paul (in front of the team) was the drillmaster. This photograph is part of the Gibonsburg Volunteer Fire Department records donated by the organization in 1999 to the Hayes Presidential Center at Fremont, Ohio.


marcia said...

Henry Cornelius (Neil or H.C.) Paul was my grandfather. I believe that he is not in front of the group as that man's hat says "Chief". He was never Chief, however, he was captain and drillmaster. The hat of the man on the left end of the front row says "Captain". Therefore, I believe that is he.

Nan Card said...

Hi Marcia: Thank you so much for the correction re: the identification of your grandfather in this image! Nan