Monday, October 5, 2015

Croghan Street, Fremont, Ohio - But What and When?

This black and white print was recently donated to the Hayes Presidential Center. The undated image was taken on Fremont, Ohio's Croghan Street by Grob Studio. Uniformed men on horseback appear prominently in the photograph, but there is no indication of what the event is. If anyone knows what event is taking place and/or the date, please contact Nan Card ( or reply to this post. Thank you in advance!

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Nan Card said...

Thank you everyone on Facebook Retro Fremont. Joel Willer identified this photograph as one of several taken by his grandfather at the October 1922 Centenary of Rutherford B. Hayes. I had seen some of this series of photos, but not those of the Black Horse Troop at the staging area on Croghan Street preparing for the parade. Now we know what and when! Appreciatively, Nan