Wednesday, September 9, 2015

23rd Ohio Infantry's Regimental Band ca. 1862

The photograph above is from President Rutherford B. Hayes' personal collection. This albumen photograph is of his regiment's band, the 23rd Ohio Infantry. Although undated, it is thought to have been taken in 1862. The War Department authorized the formation of regimental bands in May 1861, but many were disbanded by July of 1862 under U.S. General Orders No. 91.  Some musicians formed brigade bands which were still allowed. Others joined their regiments as regular infantry combatants. 

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peter thompson said...

The ancestral home of president William McKinley is the small village in Northern Ireland I come from. Earlier this year we organized our first ever event to celebrate McKinleys birthday, we hope to do this every year. Pictures of the event can be seen on our Facebook page, "Dervock and District History"
As you will be fully aware McKinley served with the 23rd Regiment, Ohio Infantry Volunteers and for our event next year we hope to have a drummer and a fifer in full uniform play a selection of Civil war tunes.
I have managed to purchase an old wooden drum which I have refurbished and it is now ready to be assembled and I hope to use this next year. What I would like to do is have the image that would have been used by his regiment on it and I was wondering could you help?
Kind Regards
Peter Thompson
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