Monday, July 13, 2015

Tinker's Creek Trestle of the Lake Erie and Pittsburg Railway

 This undated photograph appears to be the crew who constructed the Tinker's Creek Trestle of the Lake Erie and Pittsburg Railway. According to an article by Railroad Historian John A. Thompson, Jr.the Lake Erie and Pittsburg was a bridge or connecting route between two major rail carriers, the New York Central and the Pennsylvania.

After the unsuccessful construction of the first route due to swampy ground near Berea, Ohio, a new route was laid out.  The line was open for service in 1911. From a point near Cuyahoga Heights, Ohio, then known as Marcy, it headed southeast and crossed three trestles the first over Mill Creek, then Brandywine Creek, and Tinker's Creek.

According to Cuyahoga Valley, published by the Cuyahoga Valley Historical Museum and the Cuyahoga Valley National Park Association, the railroad became obsolete in the late 1960s. The trestle was demolished in 1973.

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