Sunday, August 4, 2013

George Burton Meek, Clyde, Ohio: First American Killed in the War with Spain

George Burton Meek
Killed aboard the USS Winslow
Thaddeus B. Hurd Collection
Fireman 1st Class George Burton Meek of Clyde, Ohio, is believed to be the first American  killed in the War with Spain. He was killed in action on board the  torpedo vessel USS Winslow at Cardenas, Cuba on 11 May 1898. He was buried at Clyde, Ohio 11 May 1899. The state of Ohio erected the monument pictured below in his memory. It was unveiled at Clyde, Ohio, 11 May 1916.
Monument Dedicated to the Memory of George Burton Meek
McPherson Cemetery
Clyde, Ohio
USS Maine Mast Memorial 
War with Spain 
Courtesy of
Brenda Ransom

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