Friday, September 25, 2009

More on Andersonville Survivor David Daub

In an earlier post, the Andersonville Survivors Association certificate of David Daub of Burgoon, Ohio was posted. Daub was born in York County, Pennsylvania and later moved with his parents to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where he enlisted in the 45th Pennsylvania Infantry. Captured at Petersburg, he was imprisoned at Andersonville, Libby, and Danville.

Following the war, Daub moved to Jackson Twp., Sandusky County. In later life he settled at Burgoon, Ohio. Thanks to Richard Hanny for sharing this picture of David Daub, his wife Lydia, and daughter Sarah Catherine, standing in the front yard of the Daub home in Burgoon. Richard also brough us this albumen print of Daub with other Civil War veterans at an apparent reunion. Unfortunately, there is no date or location on the print.


Dorene from Ohio said...

I would to have heard these men telling stories of days gone by! A great post!

Nan Card said...

You are so correct. For those who survived, their horrific experiences lived on their minds until the end of their days.

Hiram said...

See Number 18 is about an Ohio soldier, Andersonville survivor.