Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Patterns from the Past: Quilts of Northern Ohio

Patterns from the Past: Quilts of Northern Ohio

Opening June 17th at the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center, Patterns from the Past: Quilts of Northern Ohio explores the deep influences of community, geographic region, ethnicity, family tradition, and personal aesthetics women expressed by variations in style, patterns, and designs in their quilts. The more than 30 quilts in this exhibit were selected not for their beauty, but rather for the subtle reminders of the cultures and deeply held values of the diverse groups who made northern Ohio their home. Rich in color and detail, the quilts featured in Patterns from the Past are a reflection of the women and the communities that would shape the future of Northern Ohio.

Sponsored by the
Kate Doust Family
with additional funding provided by the
Jeanne Reed Foundation


Mr. J. Patrick Doust
Firelands Historical Society Museum
Follett House Museum
Ms. Gretchen Schultz
Sandusky Public Library
Historic Lyme Village
Mr. Larry Michaels
Dorothy Metzger Family
Mountain Mist
Ms. Ricky Clark
East Toledo Historical Society
Mr. Dennis Park
Mr. Henry R. Timman
Economy Plumbing Supply
Ohio Historical Society
Sauder Village
Wood County Historical Society
Hayes Ohio Star Quilters Guild

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